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Volpinex, object-theater company from south of France, was created in 2010.
Singular by their nature and writing, the Volpinex Company's shows touch a large, eclectic and transgenerational audience.
Jack-of-all-trades object-theater, Volpinex' universe is made most of the time with second hand materials, and also video (Fred Ladoué's first job : he was a video director for music, opera, theater and dance).
The technical skills join the actor playing on stage, always at sight for the audience.
These five following shows can be performed in english, german, spanish and other languages.

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Volpinex-MDV©Senewald01 CARRE
A funny duet takes us on the way of the 1001 Nights, opening one by one 7 suitcases : "The 7 voyages of Sinbad the Sailor".
Paper, shadow, object theater, video or other surprising forms, these two crazy handy-tellers give everything to captivate the audience.
A comic allusion to the historic links uniting two cultures, those of the Middle East and the West.

65 min. / Age 8+
This show can be performed in english and german

PPSB Carré
Lili faces her teddy bear's loss. As everyone encourages her to, she tries to think about something else. Well... is that possible ?
This simple and universal story takes the little ones in a poetic world, and invites adults to think about the ways we care for those who are in mourning.

20 min. / Age 3+
This show can be performed in english, spanish and german

Byairmail carré
A tribute to the great adventure of Aéropostale, with pop-up, vidéo and live music

20 min. / Age 6+

Cue a lone-rider crossing the desert into the city where Sheriff Jacques Daniel is in pursuit of El Bandido, an infamous Mexican bank robber...

Compagnie Volpinex will produce a Western film in front of your eyes and project it to the audience live. Through small cameras, mixing desks, and plastic toys, the two actors create on a table a real shooting studio.
Like any good film it's not without music or sound effects as a musician will play the soundtrack of the western, and make all the sound effects.
German extract Extraído en español
50 min. / Age 6+
This show can be performed in english, spanish and german. In any language with subtitles.
You can download english or spanish flyer

"Once upon a time there were three girls who went to join the Enchantment Academy. And they were assigned very hazardous duties. But I, Charly, took them all away from all that and now they work for me. And I don't regret it, because they are true enchanted angels."
A mini video studio with a green screen, a mini video camera in front of it, another mini video camera on the side to film set photos, a mixing desk and it's done.
The paper characters, taken from 70's fashion magazines, take place in a fairy tale castle.
And the Charlie's enchanted angels are missioned to give to the baby princess, their most favorable wishes.

25 min. / Age 6+
This show can be performed in english or spanish.
In any language with subtitles.

Come on, let's be honest : we love to manipulate them. Or see them manipulated in front of our eyes. Who ? Puppets, marionnettes, and all these characters we invent to have fun. Or think about something else ? Or fly away ? Or what exactly ?
But while we take so much pleasure in making them exist, what if these little beings, who didn't ask for anything, began to question themselves too ? What if they were searching the meaning of their life, the explaination of their being right here in front of us ?

20 min.
This show can be performed in any language.

In the middle of the audience divided into two groups, the stage is also separated into two parts by a wall.
From one to the other side of this wall, two characters interact unconsciously : one is situated before, and the other lives after the famous Stevenson's story.
Dr Jekyll works in his laboratory without imagining the future consequences of his researches.
On the other side of the wall and right at the other end of the story, the woman who loved and also lost him, has also lost her mind. She continually reminds her story with this man, and it seems like she still doesn't understand who he really was.
In the middle of the show, the spectators change their places to discover what's behind the wall.
They can recognize actions, sounds, musics and images already get, which now completely change of meaning.
This is also the moment when the audience realize that all the technical part of this show is performed, not hidden.

50 min. / Age 12+
This show can be performed in any language with subtitles.